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Downloading videos from Youtube and MP3s

Despite the fact that many people have virtually unlimited access to the Internet, many of us in country areas do not. Some of us actually have to go many miles to get access to an internet that is fast enough to watch a video.

If you could go somewhere with a fast internet, and then download it and watch it later, that could be a godsend.

Or maybe you just want to watch a video clip many times – say music, or make some CD’s of enlightening talks or videos to friends.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, for example, has some fascinating YouTube talks about Epigenetics.

Both these methods use the Firefox Browser (or Seamonkey which is souped up Firefox with Emails) and use an extension to download videos. To download and install FireFox, go here:

Saving YouTube Videos

To save YouTube videos, I have found the best way is to use Firefox or Seamonkey and use an extension to download videos. There are quite a few such extensions for downloading videos - the one I use downloads in MP4 format and is really easy to use. For MP3’s see the next section.

To use this YouTube downloader, first install the Firefox browser if you haven't already. See above.

Once you have Firefox installed and running, simply go this link (, and click on Add to Firefox.

Thereafter, whenever you watch a Youtube video, you will see a small down arrow under the left hand side of the video you are watching. Click on it, and you will see that you can download the video in different formats. I usually choose the MP4 360 or 480 versions, which are quite good quality and use reasonable download amounts.




Saving MP3’s

There is another downloader I often use to download Audio MP3's called Flashgot. It will download more videos and audios than the one above, but is a bit awkward to use for simple Youtube videos.

Once you have FireFox installed and running, go to the three horizontal bars on the right hand side of the screen, and press enter. This will open a small window.  Then click on the Addons section on the right hand side.  This will open a window.  Just do search for FLASHGOT, and press enter.  After a minute or so, an INSTAL option will come.  Install FLASHGOT, and you will be able to download MP3’s and other music and video files.


You can also download FLASHGOT here:


Please get back to me at clemclarke (at) gmail (dot) com, or through Facebook ( if you need help.


Clem Clarke