Contact All Federal Politicians

To either email or post individually addressed letters to all Federal Politicians, first download the address data files below.

To print and physically post them, use your Word Processor's Mail Merge with the Data Base that you have downloaded.  See my notes on sending physical mail in Australia here: Contact Politicians

To individually Email all the Politicians, first follow the instructions to set up the Thunderbird email program if you haven't already done so. See how to here: How to do an Email Mail Merge.

Then start Thunderbird and insert the following into a new email.  Just copy and paste, then make appropriate changes to your letter.

Note: set your To: email address to {{Firstname}} {{Surname}} <{{Email}}>  - this will be filled in by the Mail Merge

Sample letter

Your address 1
State, Postcode


Dear {{Salutation}} {{Surname}} {{Honorific}}
Member of the {{PoliticalParty}}

Your letter, with photos, charts and whatever.

It is my Will that ....

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Then you do the Mail Merge.  You need to go to File on the Thunderbird Menu Bar, and select MailMerge.  Follow the instructions, and the merged emails will be in the Out folder in Thunderbird.  Have a look at one or two of the emails to make sure the Mail Merge worked propely.  Then press on Send Unsent Mail, and the emails will be sent, one at a time.

If you have any difficulties, please email me at clemclarke (at) gmail (dot) com

Please Note: The following list of Senators do not seem to have email addresses, and must be contacted either by real mail, or through their websites.

NSW Senator Deborah O'Neill

NSW Senator Sam Dastyari <>

QLD Senator Barry O'Sullivan

QLD Senator Joanna Lindgren

QLD Senator the Hon James McGrath

Vic Senator Ricky Muir


These Senators seem to have no way to contact them electronically.

NT Senator Nova Peris OAM   <No@Contact>

QLD “Senator Ketter” <No@Contact>

TAS Senator Jacqui Lambie <No@Contact>,

TAS Senator Nick McKim <No@Contact>,

WA Senator Sue Lines  <No@Contact>,

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