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Alison Armstrong has some fantastic articles, books, audios and videos on the net about men and women. 

Alison started out as a "frog farmer".  Every time she got interested in a guy, he would start out as a Prince, and then turn into a frog - quite the opposite of turning frogs into princes!  So she has been on a few decades of research into what makes men tick, and she lets us know.  And she tells us how women tick, too.

Fascinating and humerous, Alison spills the means, with the intentions of making allowing men and women to enjoy their interactions and each other with the opposite sex.

Enjoy.  Her main website is

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In Sync with the Opposite Sex: Understand the Conflicts, End the Confusion, Make the Right Choices

Publisher's Summary

"In the history of humankind, it has never been more possible for us to actually relate in the magical dance of human spirit...but there are some things to do!" (Alison Armstrong)

Unravel the mixed messages you receive. Avoid coming on too strong. Eliminate the pitfalls in pursuing the one you want. Be more self-expressed and less misunderstood!

If you're dating: Learn the benchmarks and timelines of dating and relationships, so you don't blow it. If you're married or in a long-term relationship: Uncover miscommunications that have wreacked havoc in your relationship and fix them.



Understanding Women

After more than a decade of helping women understand men, Alison Armstrong has unraveled the complexities of women. With this audio workshop, you will: Be surprised by the reason women are compelled to multitask. Note which conversational details need remembering and which don't. Discover the true source of women's jealousy and competitive behavior. Learn to repair hurt feelings and save you both from the "Rage Monster"...and much more!

Women's Feelings    
Guys - women definitely feel differently from men.  Listen for 20 minutes to finally understand.  Press to Play Womens Feelings
Amazing Development of Men
Making sense of men's evolution... The stages of development describe the lifelong process by which a man's sense of self evolves. Predictable and unavoidable, these stages determine what men live for and what they can't live without. Understanding the differences between knights, princes, and kings is critical for success in romantic relationships, raising sons, and working effectively with men.

In this intimate conversation you'll learn:

  • What men can and cannot provide at each stage
  • How to avoid the tragic mistakes women make
  • What's really happening during a "mid-life crisis"
  • What makes a man "ready" for relationship, marriage, and children
  • The importance of adventure to men of all ages
Celebrating Love

Have you loved and lost? When we fail too much - to be understood or to be appreciated, to get what we need or to achieve what we want - there comes a moment when we give up. And in that moment, we lose more than love. We lose part of ourselves, part of our vitality and part of our power. Imagine love unrestrained by frustration or failure...for people, passions, and project held dear.

In Celebrating Love, acclaimed "relationship-angel" Alison Armstrong scouts the thorny woods of loss and resignation and leads us back to the experience and full expression of love. With her trademark warmth, wit, and wisdom Alison will reconnect you with the true source of your power and potency in every area of life. Join the audience in this once-in-a-lifetime event, punctuated with real-time surprises!

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Making Sense of Men on Jennifer McClean's website

 Making Sense of Men by Alison Armstrong

Understand Women    

 Both Genders will enjoy this!.
Understanding Women
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