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We have reached a stage in our world and humanity's development where we can live lives full of ease, creativity and joy. We have harvested enough of our planets resources to enjoy living together and creating a clean nurturing environment with clean air, clean water, clean food, clean energy and a financial system that works for all of us. From this platform, living a comfortable stressless life, we can easily move to a life of happiness, joy and creativity.

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While many of us believe that we must compete and kill each other to get ahead, we now have reached a stage where we can work together to create a beautiful world. Heaven on earth, if you like!

How can we do this?  We must recognise that the money system is designed to entrap and enslave us, first. The Ubuntu system is designed to allow us us to work just a few hours a week, and eventually remove money from our daily lives.  Fear of not being able to earn enough to feed our families  Fear puts us into Fight, Flight or Freeze, and literally stops our conscious and logical mind thinking. When the authorities and banksters assault us, our thinking minds shut down, and all we can do is react and attempt to survive.

However, if we have a clean, supporting environment, we can open our minds and we become aware and conscious.  We can readily recognize good and evil, right and wrong.  We can choose good, life enhancing paths to a wonderful life - not one that suppresses our wonderful, creative thoughts and forces us to follow life limiting and destructive decisions.

We are the Robin Hoods.  We are the James Bonds.  We are the Xenas. We are the people that can save the earth and save the creation and save the humans!!!! The Life Force exists. Some call it Chi, other Prana. Some God. Regardless, we are God's hands.  We can save the Creation. We can help each other to have beautiful lives.

What can we do?

There is no reasonable doubt that the earth is warming.  There is no reasonable doubt that money is made from thin air ("Quantitative Easing"), and the financial system enslaves us. There are many other beliefs we have that actually are true, and others that are not.

For example, most European Christian religions believe that we should be helping each other, and that Christ said the rich have a huge amount of difficulty getting to heaven. Many American Christians believe that they have to be rich to get to heaven.  I have written notes about this here.

While some religions believe that good works are not essential to get to heaven or have a good life, it seems that if we all support each other, life improves for everyone. Good works work.

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Clem Clarke, Nov 14, 2020

 What would it take for the entire world to live lives of ease, joy and glory?


Some background notes from 2002

Science is now showing that we are all connected.  Indeed - that we are all part of one.  Or, as some religions say, God is everywhere - and therefore, God must be in us, for there is nowhere else to be! Which means, we are part of God, just as God is part of us.  And, just like God, we are creators.

Science is also showing us that our thoughts directly affect our creation or our reality.  Indeed, thoughts become things. So, beautiful thoughts create beauty.

We not only create our personal worlds, but jointly create the world around us.  The world around us reflects back to us what we have created.

We need to understand that we are CREATORS so that we can alter our creations to create something that supports all of us.

 Currently, our Playground, planet Earth, is being trashed.  And tens of thousands of people each day are dying. Our joint creations accept this, otherwise we would have stopped it, long ago.  We are allowing it to happen! It is being trashed by companies whose only motives are to increase profits for their shareholders.    It is being trashed by Governments who allow this to happen.


Let us have a new creation.  A new vision.  Let's create a better, happier fun-filled new world.

Thoughts create things.  God, the Universe and people reflect back to us what we have created - otherwise how would we know?  So, think beautiful thoughts and create a beautiful world.

"We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself."  Scientist Carl Sagan, http://www.carlsagan.com/

How does it get much better than this?   



Clement Clarke, Melbourne, World, Perth then Bermagui now Warracknabeal