Violet Coco Climate Activist

I met Violet Coco in Ballarat a few years ago - the young 32 year old woman jailed alerting us all to the Climate Emergency. We keep vaguely in touch through Facebook.

Violet gave a talk in Ballarat.  I don't have a copy of that talk, but she also gave a similar talk in Bega NSW (near where I lived in Bermagui before moving to country Victoria).

I found a copy and loaded it to You Tube. It is long, but you might like to get an idea of the way she thinks and talks in a few minutes:

John James - a Bega Climate Change expert - and I put together the website. John also gave a talk about Climate change.  It's in two parts (with a short intro by myself).

1. IPCC Climate Change 2018 Part 1 - What the report left out:

2. IPCC Climate Change 2018 Part 2 - Some Solutions:

Despite obvious signs of Climate Change, it appears that laws all over the world (including Australia) are being enacted to stop people protesting and endeavouring to save the Planet. Many of these people claim to be "Christians", but they seem to be Calvinistic right wing extremists who just want to make money to prove that God blessed them enough for them to go to Heaven.  They seem to be suffering from Cognitive Dissonance or worse.

In a joint message for the 2021 Season of Creation, Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury stress the importance of cooperation and valuing sustainability over short-term advantages as essential parts of our common response to the threat of climate change and environmental degradation.

I wonder what they think about the jailing of Violet Coco?

Dr. Ramani Durvasula - Professor Emerita of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles ( spoke earlier this week when Merriam-Webster announced that the word Gaslighting is the "word of the year".  She talks about it here: and says Gaslighting is far worse than lying - "it is the systematic dismantling of another person".

I have made a study of narcissism over the last ten years or so.  It seems to me that some "leaders", oil companies, press companies and similar are deliberately telling lies about the Climate and gaslighting us all. Mammon has taken over totally now.

The Saturday Paper has an article in today's paper that is interesting:

And so, what to do?


Clem Clarke