Climate Deniers

Nov 12, 2019. There are many people who deny that Climate Change is happening.  Many of these people are my friends and they are acting in good faith. However, many present views of others that seem to be non-scientific, or alternatively scientists who have been paid by fossil fuel companies to tell lies so that they can continue to make hay while while Rome (us in this case) burns.

I was brought up in Science.  I have studied Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Calculus and so on.  I have been trained in the Scientific method, and although not a practicing scientist, I have been a Computer System Engineer for decades and understand logic and cause and effect. It should be noted that many politicians have not been trained in logic. Many are lawyers, and they have been trained to support clients either for or against - many have no core beliefs and have little understanding of science.

Way back in the 1970's there were some horrific days in Melbourne with terrible air pollution. I wondered where all the pollution was going to, and figured that it couldn't all be good!  During those years, Professor Barry Commoner and I had some correspondence about clean energy - mainly Solar Energy. We both knew problems were arising.

This week in Australia, we have had horrific fires burning in New South Wales, Australia, and in Queensland which is north of New South Wales. And at the same time, huge fires are burning in California, the Amazon, and all over Africa.  India has pollution levels off the scale of their measuring devices. None of this is good.

This link by Australian Ethical is interesting! Titled "Understanding climate change denial "

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Don Eastwood

Today, some pointed me to a video which attempted to debunk climate change.  The presenter was a Professor Don Eastwood who presented a case to various politicians.  Although the video was presented as a 2017 video, it was apparently recorded in 2013. Because of my very real interest over 50 years or so, I suspected a rat after listening to some of the video and started to look at the comment.s.  One particular individual had started to checkup on some of the facts by the Professor, and found that not all that he was presenting was in fact the truth.  His comments are here, and I have copied them below.

This site Skeptical Science refutes some of Professor Eastwood's claims here:


One of the big arguments that seems to get floated around is how good carbon is for the greening of the planet.  People say that the planet is getting greener - however they forget often that fertiliser has been used in huge quantities to help that growth.  I certainly believe that too much Carbon Dioxide is NOT good for us.  We die if there is not enough Oxygen.  Here are some articles that say too much carbon is NOT good for us, or the planet.