Who or What is God?

Many people say that God does not exist.  I do believe that God exists, but a very different type of God than our current religious perception.

I most certainly do not believe in a God that throws you into hell forever because you used your free-will!  Why would He or She give you freewill if you aren't allowed to use it?

I think that this Universe was created because God woke up one day and realised She didn't have any thumbs to twiddle, and decided to make some.  Billions of them!  And for the people attached to the thumbs to be able to create whatever they want, and have fun doing it.  And to provide feedback (through our senses) about what is happening in our world.

And Quantum Physics is showing us that we are all connected - as ONE.

The Holographic view of the world shows that we all have information about the whole within each cell of our body.

Thoughts create things.  God, the Universe and people reflect back to us what we have created - otherwise we would not know.  So, think beautiful thoughts and create a beautiful world.