Showing Yourself or Your Business to the World with Google

Greetings Everyone,

Are you or your business feeling lonely? Would you like to become better known ?

Google has an excellent way to help people find you.

For example, to find a Massage Therapist just go to Google and type in: massage therapy, tilba,nsw. Click on the link to see the results:

Or type Artists, tilba, nsw and the results can be seen by clicking here:

To get these results for your self or your business, you need to register your business with Google. This will take about 30 minutes, and should put you right up the top around the area of Bega and beyond.

Note: You MUST HAVE a Google account. A Gmail account gives you an email account, a calendar, and the ability to set up a free website. If you haven't already got a Gmail account, you can grab one here (they are free):

Please note: When you register a business with Google, you must put in a Category, such as dentist, or thai restaurant. Around here we are somewhat blessed to have many healing modalities and people such as Nurses, Massage, or Homeopath, Theta Healing and so on. I would like to suggest that you put the main Category as Health, and have other keywords to state exactly what you do. Similarly, with Art and it's specialies.

OK - now to register your business to the Google Search Engine, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google gmail account first.

  2. Go here:

  3. Choose Store Front or Service Area because the other types don't seem to all you to put your address on the map.

  4. You will then be presented with a page asking you to search for your business name.

  5. It will most likely come up and say it can't find your business. Just click on the button that says Add Your Business.

  6. Then you can start putting in information. The first bit is to put in your address details, which is pretty self explanatory. If you have a landline number, you will find that it will verify MUCH faster. Google needs to verify your address before it will make your entry visible to the general public! If you use a mobile number, they actually send you a post card with a number on it which you must use. This can take weeks!

  7. Also, on the Category section on the first page, you might want to "Health Consultant" as the categories seem to be a bit limited. If you don't like that, try one which you think suits better.

  8. Just continue adding information on the next pages as you think fit. You can just probably cut and paste from elsewhere. It's not a website, so it won't want much, really.

  9. There will be a tricky bit when it asks to verify you details. If you entered a REAL non-mobile telephone number, HAVE A PENCIL and paper ready, because they will ring it, and give you a number to put in. Last time I did it, they were very quick, so you need to be ready!

And that should be it. If you have any difficulties, please get in touch.



PS: I have been setting up a website which is a sort of a combination of white and yellow telephone pages. It's here: