Emma Alberici

11 September 2020

Dear Emma,

I wrote to you and other ABC reporters and presenters a few years ago.  The letter (which essentially supports some of your views, I think) is here: Letter Our Beautiful Planet.  We need to save our beautiful world, and it won't happen unless dramatic changes are made at the top. 

I am writing to you today to say how sorry I am for your treatment by the ABC, and to mention what could be a world saving idea - the Ubuntu concept and Michael Tellinger's One Small Town idea.  I would love to know what you think.  There is a 6 minute video here to give you an idea: : https://youtu.be/CV0jC9fvVK0. And a much more information and overview of the concept here: https://www.ubuntucontributionism.org/

I have been studying narcissism and similar for some years now, and I agree with the psychologists that Trump and Morrison are definitely in that area.  Also, Morrison's pentecostal beliefs are not supportive of people or the planet in general.  I will write more about this later. I did make a short video about this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHEC9805bLE.  There is more about Money, Religion and Predestination and more of my talk here: http://www.makingabeautifulworld.com/money/money-love-and-predestination-video

There is much more to say - however this is a start.  And to make you smile, there is a video by microbiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is effectively the inventor of the Epigenetic concept that is being taught by many doctors and medical schools such as Melbourne University.  It is entitled "How To REPROGRAM Your Mind and Create Heaven on Earth - Dr. Bruce Lipton" here https://youtu.be/e71exrhEBQc. I was at a talk Dr. Lipton gave In Perth some 20 years ago, and we have had the odd communication.  I have also set up a fledgling website called www.CreatingHeavenOnEarth.org 

I realise there is a lot here - much is just filler information - however I think you will like the Michael Tellinger idea, and almost certainly Bruce Lipton's video.

Please stay well - the world needs you and people like you.

Yours truly and namaste,

Clem Clarke

Tel: 0401054155

FB: https://www.facebook.com/clemclarke