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October 19, 2017


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Dear Emma, Leigh, Sarah, Virginia, Jon, Michael, Phillip and Tony.

You all do some fabulous work for all of us. Thank you.

The ABC (through each of you) is probably the best way to raise the general consciousness of the people.  It is really time that all Australians became aware of how the financial system now works. Perhaps the ABC could publish this as a story or letter, or perhaps even made into one of your excellent programs? 

I can provide many articles for you to review or people to talk to such as the former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer, whose book I gave to Peter Costello and Jeff Kennett on this subject. And others, such as the Economic Hit Man author, or the former Greece Finance Minister who says essentially the same.

Essentially, if unlimited amounts of “money” can be created from thin air via Quantitative Easing (and it is) then all sorts of damage can occur, just as unlimited water floods and destroys farms and cities.

I also attach a letter from former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and a few pictures that that might be useful to explain the situation quickly and succinctly.

Can the ABC please continue to support us in our endeavours to create a world that supports people and the environment over profits?

Yours sincerely,

Clement Clarke

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PO Box 291,


NSW 2546

Tel 0401 054 155

Re Our beautiful planet, and our part in it's upkeep.


It is Einstein who said that trying to solve a problem with the same level of consciousness is madness, and Buckminister Fuller who said creating a better system is the best way to solve problems.

In order for our children and their children to live well on our home, planet Earth, we need clean air, clean water, clean seeds, a healthy environment and a monetary system that works for us, rather than the huge corporations, banks and the absurdly wealthy.

In Australia, we are indeed fortunate to have some of the best and cleanest food and water available anywhere. However, this seems to be rapidly changing, with the emphasis being placed more and more on man made money and profits instead of our quality of life.

Some 30 years ago, I discovered that money is not backed by gold and is indeed made from "thin air" or Quantitative Easing. Peter Costello was then the Treasurer of Australia, and I used to discuss this with him. He knows.

The system has to be changed before the just for private profit system destroys Earth as we know it.


Some Facts:

Despite the above, many still believe that our politicians are working in our best interests. Many aren't – they still believe that money is the most important and forget that we can’t eat it.

To keep our planet alive and well so it can support us, we need to remind our politicians that they work for us - not the corporations. Clearly, the massive storms in America show us that Climate Change is real and is behaving the way scientists have predicted. Politicians must get on board and place us and the environment first.

Please write to your Federal and State politicians and your local councilors and demand they do more for us, and create a new National Bank to fund environmentally friendly power, clean food and water.

And join the www.TheEcoPlatform.com to help formulate policies that work for the planet - not man made inedible money. And www.MakingABeautifulWorld.com


Yours sincerely,


Clement Clarke (clemclarke@gmail.com)


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