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Trump and Morrison Prosperity Doctrine

The Destruction of Our Planet and the Prosperity Gospel.

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  • The planet is being destroyed.

  • The Calvinist Predestination heresy means people want to know if they are going to heaven or hell. Thus the “Prosperity Gospel” was created – it means that rich people get to heaven, others don’t. Therefore, most people will do almost anything to get rich to get to heaven, even if it means destroying the environment and hence the planet. Thus Prosperity Gospel effectively says destroy the planet to make money to show God loves you.

  • The Prosperity Gospel grew out of Calvinism.

  • Most US Cult religions are based on Calvinism

  • Many cults and most Born Agains and Pentecostals believe that satan rules the world. Many want to destroy the world because of this and certainly see no reason to help the earth.

  • The Prosperity Gospel is a twisted form of Christianity that teaches obedience, giving and faith as a way to get stuff from God.

  • Calvinist Protestants don’t believe in “Good Works”. This leads to selfishness and separation from each other.

  • “New Age” religions don’t believe in Good and Evil. It breeds passive people - passivity. Hence Evil is allowed to run the world.

  • People believe that making profits are more important than looking after the environment, even though we know that if we don’t have a good environment, we will all die

  • The current man made money and financial system are enslaving us.

  • Both Trump and Morrison are removing environmental protection laws.

  • We need clean air, clean water, clean food, and clean energy to survive. And a financial system that works for all. Monks mostly believe money should be used to help the poor.

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