Wireless Internet Mesh

Far too often, our internet networks fail us.  Below are instructions for building a wireless network in local communities.

From the document in the download file section below:

"In rural Africa the penetration of telecommunication services, for example telephony and internet access,   is   low   and   in   some   regions   non-existent.   The   telecommunication   operators   in   Africa consider   rural   Africa   as   uneconomical   due   to   the   nature   of   these   regions   -   remote,   often

inaccessible, lacking in infrastructure, sparsely populated, low income households and people with low skills levels. Yet, reliable, affordable and easy access to telecommunication services for all has been identified as key to social and economic development in Africa.

"Self-provisioning and community ownership of low cost, distributed infrastructure is becoming a viable alternative to increase the penetration of telecommunication services in rural Africa. The recent emergence of wireless mesh network technology (based on IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standards) can help to improve the delivery of telecommunication services in these regions."

Download the document below for a practical method of setting up a wireless network.