Contact Politicians

Contact your Australian Politicians on these pages.  At the moment, this site only has Australian Politicians.  However, you can easily email worldwide Politicians and Business leaders from the Information for Action website - it is full of information about the Environment and Green issues.  Click on the link: Information for Action

A general note:  Most politicians tend to ignore emails, although they do often read individually addressed ones - you can do this with a "mail merge". See: How to do an Email Mail Merge

Sending physical letters: If you want to send all your Politicians physical letters, I print them all out and address them to the Parliament to which you wish to send them, then place all the letters in a single box or envelope, and send them Express Post, or even Parcel Post with Tracking.  Now that Federal Politicians don't want us to email them (they have removed their email addresses from most lists) AND they have put the price of a letter up to a $1.00, it means that it is difficult to to send them much mail unless you either email them, or pack all the letters in one envelope and post it.

To get started, click here for Australian Politicians.