Clean Money

I gave a talk in Perth, Australia about our money system, and how how it is hurting people the world over. 

The talk commences with ten minutes or so given by myself about the planet, John Calvin and money, then there is a video by Servern Suzuki (David Suzuki’s daughter), a talk by an economist about Calvinism, a 6 minute clip by JFK, and more, eventually with some video clips of new ways for society to think and use money. All in all, the DVD is about 70 minutes all together, and you may skip sections to save time. The two full videos of mine are here Part 1 and Part 2 playlist

If you would like to read some background on these talks, and if you would like to watch it in 10 minute or segments, please go to this page:

You might like to watch these two short videos on how money is effectively created from thin air (now it is called Quantitative Easing): or the Federal Reserve's Bank video on Modern Money Mechanics