Hung Parliament 2010


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August 24, 2010-08-23


The Governor General,

Government House,


ACT 2600


Your Excellency,


A Golden Opportunity for Australia!


A hung Parliament. What a perfect result - what an opportunity! Australians are demanding something better, and they want some of the liberal ideas, as well as the conservative. Clearly, they want a more sustainable future. They said that they want a Greener agenda, that they like properly implemented big ideas, and that they desire freedom and little waste. And much, much more.

What would it take to remove the blinkers of judgment and have all sides of Australian politics working together, instead of wasting energy competing against each other?

What would it take to get the best ideas of all our Politicians to make a better Australia, and by example, a better world? Both sides have good and not-so-good ideas – we could pick the best. Or how about thinking the unthinkable – a joint Labor and Liberal Government? How can we all live lives of ease, joy and glory? How can we use Australia’s abundant resources for all of us - sustainably?

Let’s do some of the big ideas.  Let’s set up a new National Bank to fund creative solutions – we all gain. Let’s use it to create better lives.   And instead of wasteful competition, use De Bono’s co-petition principles. And, of course, modify company law so that companies, banks and the IMF’s SAP privatisations can work for all of us, instead of just the shareholders.

Just what would it take to become the most environmental country in the world? To use only clean inexpensive energy? To work together so we can all live easily? To grow and eat only pure wholesome food? To provide affordable or free utilities such as water, power and communication to all?

Naturally, we need people and money to do this.  Humans created money and it is a form of stored energy.  All our energy effectively comes from a limitless sun – which means we have limitless amounts of energy at our disposal. How can we use this limitless energy and money to create better lives for all?  And clean up the planet – our one and only home?

            Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge.  It is true to say that we are limited only by our imagination.  Let’s imagine a beautiful world, and create it.  We can do it.





            Clement Clarke,