The Life Force and Death Cults

The Life Force. We are immersed in it. It spins our atoms.

Life = Love=Chi=Prana=God.

Life wants to continue. Seeds, water, sun, plants. Animals, babies. Life goes on.

We are part of the Life Force – part of God. We are God’s Hands. It is our duty to help save the planet – the Creation.

Life Supporting. Cooperative religions believe we are here to help each other create a beautiful life for all.

Death Cults. Competitive religions believe we are here to compete and grab what ever we can at the expense of the Life Force and the death of life on the planet itself.  They are Death Cults.

Real Christianity supports life. Catholic, Anglican and others. See “The Principles of Catholic Social Thought & The Common Good” here: 



and a course


The nine Catholic Social Thought principles

Calvinist American “Christianity” is selfish. Pentecostals, Born Agains, Southern Baptist. The hidden belief is that only by being rich can you get to heaven - therefore the planet is disposable and money is more important than life itself. Thus God has only selected a few people to get to heaven – the rest don’t. Much more here:


Religions that rely on the bible alone and that do not believe Good Works and thoughts help us to get to heaven are locked in the past. Catholisism moves with the times (somewhat slowly, it is true).