This page is about Astrology for our World and in particular Australian leaders,

For some decades now, I have been attempting to discover how we can make a beautiful world - one with clean energy, clean water, clean air, clean food and of course a monetary system that works for all of us. In other words, a beautiful world. And Heaven on Earth (see www,

Many of the problems stem from people who run our world - many are narcissists or pathological liars. Many people are controlled by mammon or money and forget that money is man made and is used to control us.

Many years ago, I came across a book called "Star Signs for Lovers" by Robert Worth, Sphere Books Ltd, 1980.  In many ways, it is a brutal book. It had to be to get the author's message through in just two pages per combination of Venus and Mars signs. Some of my friends and aquaintances dislike the book as it shows some of them up badly - however these are the very people who are working on themselves to modify their own behaviour and better their own lives - which is a very good thing to do. Other leaders are just plain cluster B type individuals who want to destroy the world to make themselves feel better or take control of the world and destroy the environment. 

And so I decided to use this astrology book to see what it says about some of our leaders.  The results are surprising!  Take a look at my findings below. And to see more of each individuals astrology, click on their names and you will be taken to a new page with more information.

A final word or two.  I believe there is a God or Life Force. Most religions say that God is everywhere. Therefore God is in us.  And since God is everywhere, we have to be in God.  Therefore we are part of God.  We are God's hands, and we can act to create a beautiful world, or destroy it. As custodians of the planet, I believe it is our duty to make a beautiful world.  My considerable experience and my reading of the literature says that narcissists act only to look after themselves.  It is also said that they are virtually impossible to change - they need to recognise that they are narcissists and seek help.  Let us hope for the world's sake that they do.  America seems to be self destructing and is run by a narcissist and a religion based on Calvinism which itself says people are predestined to go to heaven only if they are rich. And so they will do anything to get rich - even by destroying the planet. "American Christianity" isn't Christianity. 

Let us pray that we can all work together for a brilliant outcome to our world problems.

One way out of our problems is presented by Michael Tellinger. He has an idea of a world without money.  He calls it the One Small Town concept. There is a 6 minute video here to give you an idea: : And a much more information and overview of the concept here:

Other pages of possible solutions are being prepared.  

Blessings and Namaste, Clem Clarke, 12/9/2020


Stable People

Dan Andrews: There is grace, finesse, humor. This one relates to romance, can handle romance, brings optimism to romance. It's all shining, all warm. There is a divine spark.

Unstable People

Scott Morrison: This one is mercurial, whimsical. fickle--there is no balance, no control. This one is unpredictable. propelled by nervous energy. Impulse adds to the speed, lack of restraint takes this one too far out. There are multiple commitments. entanglements. The beat is wild. Romance can't build. There is madness.

President Trump: This one is big, bold, prodigal. This one erupts good-naturedly, but inner systems are disorganized. This one goes in .. all directions. There is no rhythm, no finesse, no intuition. This one is too fearless, too adventurous, too enthusiastic. There is no restraint--romance can't build, can't. sustain. This· one is· a smoke-blowing, flame throwing runaway locomotive.

Peter Dutton: This one is extreme, goes in all directions with no restraint, no discretion. Impulse is ruinous. There are entanglements. ... This one can't play the' game, doesn't anticipate. There are mad flights, whimsical crusades. This one can't deal with reality. This one is fraudulent evangelist.

Andrew Bolt: There is style, but inner systems are disorganized. This one is impulsive, quickly fascinated, rash, ardent - without balance, without control. There is something driven. There are involvements, entanglements. Romance can't build, can't cope. There is a fine line between madness and inspiration.

Peta  Credlin: This one gropes, can't steer. Impulse propels, lack of restraint adds to the speed, lack of intuition takes this one too far out. There are catastrophes, entanglements. It's all a blind search, a waste of energy. Romance doesn't sustain, can't build. Something haunts, something is anti-climactic. The party is over but this one can't stop dancing. 

Martin Luther 10 Nov 1483.  This one can't play the' game, doesn't anticipate. There are mad flights, whimsical crusades. This one can't deal with reality. This one is fraudulent evangelist.