Computer Hints

This page just talks about a few things I have found to be useful. In my professional life, I was involved in computers. I started programming giant English and American computers around 1965, and now I use PC's. I designed and implemented a computer language that ran some of world's largest computers for decades. So, I know something about computers... That said, everything changes VERY quickly, and so I haven't managed to keep up with all of the new stuff. Of course, all computer programs are based on what I learned before, so not all is wasted!

    1. Some quick thoughts on Anti Virus programs. These days, the inbuilt Windows Defender program seems to be quite good. However, I have found the free versions of AVG and Avast to be excellent programs. And for those really nasty Malware programs, Malwarebytes still seems to be the best, with Spybot almost as good. Advanced System Care is excellent as it also tunes up your entire computer.

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    4. Need to set up you own Internet in the country because ...?? Have a look at this wireless mesh system.