Money Just Doesn't Work Anymore


Money Just Doesn't Work Any More.

Is the Man Made Money System Finally Destroying Our Planet - Our ONLY Home? Let's create a New System.



     Does money buy us freedom, or houses or health or anything, as the Politicians would have us believe?  Why do we have to work for years to pay off mortgages because we borrow some money? What if money was the cause of the problem, and not the solution? 

    The Creator made a wonderful planet for us to play, create and evolve on.  Planet Earth is an abundant place.  With the Sun providing energy for us, one could say that Earth is Infinitely Abundant.  We really lack for nothing.  Abundance just is!

    But, we stuffed up big time.  We created money.  God didn't create it.  We humans did.  And we did it badly. 

We all know that our current economic system is TOTALLY man made.  Designed by humans. And that money is totally created and destroyed by banks - created from thin air.  It is not even backed by gold or silver anymore.  

    We are suffering.  The planet – our home – is suffering.  Pretty soon, we will have poisoned it so much it will not be able to support us.

    So, what happened?  We have been told over and over and over again that having money is a good thing.  That money is a form of stored energy, or wealth.  Or that we need money to exchange goods with each other. But, let's step back a bit and look at money as a way to divide up the natural abundance we all have.  To separate us from our abundance.

    How can this be?

    Let us consider that all things on the planet are free.  Remember, God didn't invent money - we did.  By using our free natural resources, we can create electricity, or telephone systems, or hospitals.  All that is required is the idea, and manpower.  Both of which are free.  Money doesn't run hospitals – humans do.  Money doesn't run telephones – humans and computers do.  Money doesn't run anything. Humans do.

    Money is simply a catalyst.  It helps things happen.  It is a convenience.

    But money shouldn't tell us how to run our lives.  The profit motive must not put money before humans.  Companies should not exist to merely make profit, but to create a better world.  Banks must stop charging interest on what is created from thin air – money.  Growth needs be curbed – we just don't need a new mobile or whatever every 6 months.

    Make no mistake; the planet is being poisoned by greed.  Gandhi said: "There is enough for all, but not enough for one greedy man."

    The Money Game was invented by humans to divide us.  It is time for the Rules to be changed, so that Money works for all of us.  By all means create money from thin air, but use it for constructive purposes.  The Commonwealth Bank used to create money to build Roads, Telephones, Electricity and so on.  It changed minimal interest.  Now private banks do the same job and charge much, much more in interest.  Let's change back to that system – for the common good, which includes the planet.

    It is insanity that we are working harder and harder just to feed the money system.  It is insanity that the system we designed is chewing up the earth's resources at an ever increasing rate.

    It is insanity that we are allowing the system we humans designed to destroy and enslave us.  It is insanity that we are all our time "making money", instead of fixing our planet.

    What would it take, whoever wins power, to please throw away whatever beliefs you have about the "isms", open your minds to new ideas, and let's create a system that puts the planet and humans first? 

    Remember that thoughts become things, and whatever we can think of, we can create.  We create our lives by our thoughts, so choose wisely.  Think abundance, not restriction.  And let us all have fun during our time on the planet.

Clement Clarke, Perth, November 13, 2007