Downloading videos from Youtube and elsewhere, and MP3s

Despite the fact that many people have virtually unlimited access to the Internet, many of us in country areas do not. Some of us actually have to go many miles to get access to an internet that is fast enough to watch a video.

If you could go somewhere with a fast internet, and then download it and watch it later, that could be a godsend.

Or maybe you just want to watch a video clip many times – say music, or make some CD’s of enlightening talks or videos to friends.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, for example, has some fascinating YouTube talks about Epigenetics.

Both these methods use the Firefox Browser (or Seamonkey which is souped up Firefox with Emails) and use an extension to download videos. To download and install FireFox, go here:

Saving YouTube and other Videos - Download and Convert Videos and Playlists from Youtube & More really easily

I have found a really easy solution for downloading videos.  If you click on the link here (, you will be taken to a website where all you have to do is pop in the address or URL of the video you want to watch.  To do this, start watching the video, and copy the address from the top of the screen.

One easy way to do this is to be in the window that is playing the video, and press Cntl L (to highlight the address) then Cntl C (to copy it).  Then go to the window that has  and paste the URL into the spot where it suggests you do.  Alter it from  720 to 360 (if you wish) and press the DOWNLOAD button.  Then scroll down the page a bit and it should show you that it is copying  and converting.  When it is finished, download the file.

Two things - I would suggest that you alter the download from 720 to 360 if you have low download limits, or a slow internet.  It will make the file about one quarter of the size.

Secondly, if you enter a playlist or channel name, it will download the entire list or channel.  You can tell that is happening if it takes more than a few minutes to prepare the download. It will most likely be a very big download!!!

Enjoy.  Any problems, get in touch with me at clemclarke(@)

Namaste, and Merry Christmas to all,



Saving MP3’s

To download MP3's, use the as described above, and specify MP3 as your down load choice. 


Please get back to me at clemclarke (at) gmail (dot) com, or through Facebook ( if you need help.


Clem Clarke