A gentler Australian Liberal party

I sent this to every Federal and State Australian Liberal Party member between 2002 and 2010. See my letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I submitted this to the Victorian Secretariat by July 20, 2001. I received no acknowledgement or comments about my proposed changes. It is now the 2nd of November 2020 and the Liberal Party did not gain control of Queensland Australia as it had hoped to. In a few days time, the election for Donald Trump or Joe Biden will take place. It is clear to me that if we wish the planet to continue, we must have political parties around the world that support the environment over mammon and environmentally destructive greed. Man made money and the financial system. It enslaves us and causes the destruction to the environment, which we need.

Please read my suggested changes and additions to the Liberal Party Draft Beliefs from 2001.

Clem Clarke, November 2, 2020.


The Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)

(re-typed by Clem Clarke for ease of distribution and for the addition of comments. 2001 Tel 0401 054 155. E&OE)

Note: the underlined portions have been added or changed by myself, and constitute my proposed changes. See attached letter.

Comments and written submissions regarding this draft should be lodged with the Secretariat by 20 July, 2001. A workshop will be conducted on 4 August, 2001.

Draft Statement of Beliefs.

We believe in the inherent dignity, responsibility and potential of all Victorians. We believe that government must protect the freedoms of all Victorians and provide the opportunity for all people to achieve their full potential by providing a safe, encouraging and non-threatening environment.

  1. We believe in the fundamental freedoms of individuals and groups within society to think, to worship, to speak and associate with the family being the central unit of society.

  2. We believe in upholding the constitution, representative parliamentary democracy, the democratic process and accountable government.

  3. We believe in creating an environment supportative of equal opportunities for all Australians in a tolerant society.

  4. We believe in the protection of vulnerable groups and minorities within society and the provision of effective assistance to people who are in ill health or in need.

  5. We believe that the creation of real wealth is essential for meeting our national and individual aspirations. Private Banks creation of credit does not create wealth, only usurious debt.

  6. We believe that free enterprise and the free choice of consumers will maximise economic growth and national prosperity once the minimum essentials of water, healthcare, education, power, electricity and communications have been provided.

  7. We believe that individual effort should be appropriately rewarded and that every encouragement be provided to excel.

  8. We believe in equality before just law and that punishment be set according to one’s means.

  9. We believe in decentralisation and distribution of power and believe that local decisions are best made at the local level, with a view to the overall good.

  10. Where the private sector can deliver a service efficiently, an unnecessary burden should not be imposed on the taxpayer after basic essential services have been provided.

  11. We are committed to a foreign policy which promotes peace, equality and international cooperation and that globalisation and free trade benefits all the peoples of the world.

  12. We believe in securing and protecting our national heritage and natural environment for future generations.

  13. We believe in supporting families, farmers and country areas as an essential part of the overall good.

  14. We believe that a new Federal Government Commonwealth style bank lending to households, small and medium businesses and to family farmers should be set up (as New Zealand is doing now) will greatly benefit Australia - as it used to do did in past decades.

  15. We believe the ABC should be supported to provide a culturally uplifting and honest alternative to biased commercial radio and TV, and to provide honest news and viewpoints to our overseas neighbours.

Comments and written submissions regarding this draft should be lodged with the Secretariat by 20 July, 2001. A workshop will be conducted on 4 August, 2001.