Dec 22 2017

These pages will be expanded on greatly. in the coming months.

I apologise in advance at the lack of details at the moment.  Most people who find this page will know me, and have discussed the information here.  More later!

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Relationships, Men and Women One of the most contentious areas of human existence. See some of these pages for some help!  Alison Armstrong is very good, and Christian Pankhurst. Dr Amen looks at the differences in the brains, and of course Dr John Gray has written much too. People seem to quite like Alison Armstrong's approach.

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Alison Armstrong ( LOTS of information and Discussions ): Main Pages

Alison Armstrong : Understanding Women

Dr Daniel Amen:   The Brain in Love

Christopher Howard:   Cutting Ties 

Dr. Bruce Lipton Virtually the father of Epigenetics 

Bruce Lipton Pages

Conversation with God books, Neale Donald Walsch Fascinating series of books about God. 

Neale Donald Walsch Pages on this website

 See also our sister site, for Humanity's Team. 

Dr Daniel Amen Change your brain?  Dr. Amen has many discussions on his website. 

Neale Donald Walsch Pages on this website


See also our sister site, for Humanity's Team. 

Carolyn Myss Energetic Healing.     

Ecology and saving our planet. We need a clean planet to thrive and survive. 

Our sister site, 

Theta Healing, Brent Phillips A wonderful Theta Healer 

Brent Phillips Pages 

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Dr Wayne Dyer The author of many wonderful books and a speaker of renown.  Now, unfortunately he has left us. 

Christopher Howard 

Dr. Steve G Jones.  Hypnosis Many Hypnosis audios are available here.  For the mental, physical and spiritual. 

Dr Steve G Jones Hypnosis 

Kryon Channeling