Empowerment Script Trauma

PTSD, Trauma, ADHD and Dyslexia can be helped with ‘Empowerment Script’.  

Dr.  Lowen Clarke pioneered ‘Empowerment Script’, a script format that he discovered can assist with PTSD and trauma. It has potential to heal the mind, and holds promise for helping ADHD and dyslexia.

Lowen discovered, revived, and revised a method of writing and reading first developed and used by the ancient Greeks. The text is written from right to left on one line and left to right on the next. 

Reading such a text requires bilateral eye movements, which have a calming and healing effect on the mind, particularly one that has been interrupted by trauma or dissociation. Mental health professionals who have used Empowerment Script™ with clients have found extremely positive effects.

Here's an example  (follow the arrows):

It > is > difficult > to > explain,

.show < to < simple < but <

The > eyes > make > complex > movements > as > they > read > words

.direction < other < the < in < then < and < direction < one < in <

Below is a link to Jane Eyre which has been altered to the Empowerment Script. 


Dr. Lowen Clarke writes in the introduction:

"It can increase brain hemisphere connection, help with PTSD, help with some dyslexia.

"Lowen Clarke discovered and created empowerment script in 2003. After years of research, the first book in empowerment script was published in 2015, a children’s picturebook ‘Sam the Tram’s Dance Club’ (available at Apple iTunes) The work was found to be capable of amazing results with trauma, and PTSD.

"Some people have found reading in this new format a pleasure, others have found that connection and creativity is sparked, others met with and dealt with emotions, some find it is more efficient reading, some find it helps dyslexia, and others have found it has helped with deep PTSD, trauma and dissociation, when working with a therapist.

"What will you find ?

"We invite feedback for the research project : suggestions in end pages."