General Conspiracy


It is commanded that the following and others not yet named:

Be exposed, with truth, clarity and integrity, and that naming and shaming, be stated to reveal those that who manipulate blood money and the death money, at the expense of the planet, the peoples, the flora and fauna and that those who have blood and death money staining their hands be forced into ‘retreat’ and take ownership and that justice be administered, this lifetime, according to the Lords of Karma.

That the history of the old consciousness be shared to learning disciples so that “those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it” Santayana.

Power to the people for the upliftment of the planet and evolution of the peoples, flora and fauna and that of the Universal Plan. 

That the dysfunction of the darkness be the seeds of their undoing as no succinct leadership creates factioning with no direction. Humanity to pull together and that humanity know that Light is winning.

May people be higher than any system and that Hope Love Peace and Joy be in every cell of the body to be lived and breathed with demonstration. May we have the guts and courage, be brave, to stand strong in who we are, and together, as a collective global nation, be incredibly powerful for our children and the generations to come. For we are the living ancestors of those to come, let us be remembered as Light Warriors, or something grand and noble like that.