Love of Money and Predestination Video Destroying the Planet

There has been a lot said about the Financial Crash.  About greed, Wall street and so on. But what is really going on? Why is it happening at all?

(Incidentally, God/Nature didn't make money - man did.  And, by God, we did it badly.  It separates us, but like Separation Theology, from all the good things in life.)

Some 30 years ago, I lived in the USA off and on for about 5 years.  I just couldn't understand how Americans could speak English, and yet be so totally different in their heads, or how they see life.  I now have some feeling for that, which I explored in a talk I gave to the Theosophical Society in September, 2008, in Perth.

Why is world and America, in particular, so totally money oriented?  What is really behind their thinking? What I said in my recent talk is very different from what most people say, and I have put two pieces of information together to explain it.  These are explained in the video clips I have put together  that were created by others.  The two  vital things to understand are:

These are explained in the video below.

My talk commences with ten minutes or so given by myself about the planet, John Calvin and money, then there is a video by Servern Suzuki (David Suzuki’s daughter), a talk by an economist about Calvinism, a 6 minute clip by JFK, and more, eventually with some video clips of new ways for society to think and use money.

All in all, the DVD is about 70 minutes all together, and you may skip sections to save time. If you would like a copy of the video, please write to me. Otherwise, watch the clips below.

You can listen to roughly ten minute segments, and stop and restart at any time. Please watch the first bit of mine, and the History of Capitalism, and how banks make money.  And there are some sections near the end that talk talk about alternatives to money.  I have much more on the subject, but I think that will come in another talk or document.


Clement Clarke

Perth, Australia

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