Divine Feminity and Masculinity Co-opetition

Divine Feminity and Masculinity Co-opetition

That each human, value and contribute, to the evolution of humanity; to embrace the 10 commandments of Children and to demonstrate the following.

    • In the spiritual dimension, to include and value the masculine and feminine as equal, fundamental dynamics of the creative life force of Divinity. The yang cannot exist without the yin, remembering our interconnectedness and oneness: we are not separate from each other and creation. Ubuntu.

    • In the religious dimension, including and honouring the omnipotent presence of Creator in ‘religious’ expression, ritual and ceremony, acknowledging that Creator will appear as the feminine or masculine according to the truth of the person witnessing. Recognising and honouring the deities and archetypes, being truths of Creator, across history, heritage and culture, for both male and female energies have contributed to the evolution of humanity, in balance.

    • In the planetary dimension, acknowledging Mother Earth as our Mother, respecting Her, cultivating right-relationship with Her as our ground of Being. She is our Home.

    • In the cultural dimension, recognising the sacredness of all life, our web of interconnected-ness and community; celebrating the stature and wisdom of the Feminine and Masculine across cultures, in the arts and in all creative expression.

    • In the psychological dimension, demonstrating the interior qualities of wholeness and balance, within each individual, male and female.

    • In the human dimension, valuing women and men, as individual sparks of Creator anchored on the planet, as a whole people–body, mind and spirit; each contributing differently for the highest good of the Planet and humanity, expressions of Creator.

    • In the societal dimension, seeking the voices and visions of the Wisdom Women and Men to be received and integrated in the service of social healing, balance and Self-Initiation.

    • In the political dimension, leading with influence to serve the greater good, to protect and serve life, in community. To fully demonstrate: to lead, is to serve, with the aim of sharing and being inclusive for the greatest good of all.

    • For events that have passed, (history and heritage), transparency and Truth teachings of All That Is of the feminine and masculine.

    • In values of daily living, welcoming, inclusivity and listening with love, service in understanding that is life-affirming and supporting one another and, acknowledging and seeking the unique gifts that each individual has to offer. Accepting and respecting differences by demonstrating compassion, love, integrity, honesty and forgiveness of oneself and others.