Politics Ubuntu


The political fabric of a New Age is Ubuntu 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. Ubuntu Contributionism : a blueprint for an innovative, socially cohesive structure, free of slavery into a  new Age of real freedom, real prosperity and real control of an individual’s  destiny, as part of a community, unleashing the highest levels of creativity and passion in humanity, and utmost integrity.

The Ethos for Ubuntu:  “Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community, in harmony with Earth Mother.” as defined by Michael Tellinger.

Ubuntu Contributionism restores the harmonious balance between the people and the Earth providing abundance for all within the sectors of science, technology, agriculture, manufacture, health, education, housing, and all other areas not named, but yet to be named, under the present currency system, in society today.

The inalienable rights as citizens of Planet Earth under an Ubuntu Contributionism Sovereignty for freedom and dignity, in these liberating and exciting times, with limitless possibilities for everyone. We acknowledge and understand that the peoples of Earth are the stewards, the custodians, the carers, and the protectors.

To enable this Ubuntu Contributionism, the peoples demand decentralisation of the urban metropolitans and repopulation of the rural and remote towns, providing strong primary produce communities with a variety of privileges.

It is commanded that the egalitarian models already in place around the world be drawn upon and incorporated into the Ubuntu model so that all nations benefit from the knowledge of the Wisdom Keepers, the Eldership and Protectors and others unnamed but who have contributed, from the Black, Red and Yellow peoples, for the upliftment of the Planet, the universe in the Glory of the Most Holy. Eg, Australian Aboriginal model, Eastern philosophy model, Native Americans model and of course Ubuntu/Africans model. We have learned from the white model, who has allowed us to be a global village, with shared technology, in accordance with Your Universal Plan.

The Venus and Orion Projects be established, aligning with the Ubuntu models, and others, in the global communities, who wish to practice them for the evolution of Mann.