That the current education model be overhauled to instil/encourage freedom of thought and speech, not program learners to be ‘sheeple people’.

The New Age model of education is to (to include those not yet named in support of a New Age model):

    • Inspire a lifetime love of learning

    • Inspire creativity in the arts and culture

    • Enthusiasm and magic in the realms of occultism, religion, spirituality, mythology and Dreaming and other unnamed magical energies, yet to be discovered

    • Inspire discovery of innovative thought, especially in Universal Laws, engineering, the sciences, music, and to be inclusive of all the other areas too numerous to be named here, known and unknown

    • Acknowledge, validate and include astrology as a science, of which it originally was.

    • Encourage learners to pursue freedom, without harm

    • Allow disciples of learning to ‘pursue’ an interest, irrespective of whether such disciple as prior knowledge and to pursue the learning of an arear of learning out of passion and interest.

    • Create a disciple who is a Universal learner, communicative in all Universal laws

    • Be non-discriminate and teach through demonstration and empathy that all brothers and sisters will belong to community by the content of their character, their contributions to the communities of the Planet by the love and compassion shown to others

    • Inspire communications in all Universal Laws, multi-dimensionally and that there be way showers for those who are seekers

    • Educate teachers to be multi-abled to read and understand story / content in the language the disciple is conveying and this ability to read override the requirements of spelling and grammar (of which technique in prose overrides creative writings – this is back to front – creative writing encourages/promotes/enables/ inspires and empowers through growth, confidence and positive affirmations, irrespective of whether disciple writings are eg dyslexic, autistic, or not meeting ‘current curriculum spelling and grammar requirements’)

    • Sound Therapy be available to all

    • Include and make aware and encouraged classics and classic languages (root words which combine to make up current language today for the disciple of learning) for understandings in language, opening ports of learning, including poetry, literature classics, mathematics, (including sacred geometry) and others not named, in the highest integrity

    • Have inclusive sports that are non-competitive and that the Ubuntu principles of community sport for observed and integrated, unless agreed by community for competitive nature of sports

    • Inspire self-initiation into the Universal spiritual realms and truths (One Love, many truths and songs) be promoted, encouraged for all those who walk this path.

    • Be a stepping stone where the Universal Laws be made aware to disciples, for those who seek self-initiation, with the highest integrity.