Big Pharma


That the “Big Pharmaceutical’ (Big Pharma) enterprise and all who parasitically benefit from its conspiratory practices, be exposed and shamed, with truth and clarity and integrity, to deconstruct the monopolised control Big Pharma has through its practices on the peoples of the Earth, the Earth, the flora and fauna and others unnamed in relation to:

And other conspiracies, frauds and illusions not named and known to the peoples,

And that the pineal gland, as a priority, be cleansed and purified to allow the Endocrine system, especially the Pineal gland to fully function to its highest spiritual truth, with integrity, as is our birthright so that the peoples are free, no longer enslaved and controlled, and have total access to the spiritual realms which this gland controls.

To be healthy and fully functioning on all cylinders at full capacity as is everyone’s birthright, to uplift the planet, the peoples, flora, and fauna and the evolutionary process and that the chemicals (within and without) which subdue be released for the people and to embrace self-power to enable them, as a collective, to challenge and overcome enslavement – Power to the People as a collective conscious voice.