Business Corporates

Commandment for Corporations / Businesses

That Shareholder Primary Law and Corporate Law enables Corporations to support the people and environment and that Corporations have a social and moral responsibility, functioning at the highest level of integrity, to serve (at the highest level of integrity) the peoples who keep them in operation.

That business schools, university departments, the education systems, business leaders, politicians and academics co-opetition the economic system and structures who have greatest preponderance on our Planet to have a legal and moral responsibilities and duties of care to be aligned with the peoples, so that the Planet and the peoples are respected with fairness and equity. That commercial energies be transmuted to preserve and conserve our Planet, the peoples and the communities that make up our Family of Mann.

That the Corporate Law be legislated and constitutionalised to include: “but not at the expense of the environment, human rights, the public safety, the communities in which the corporation operates or the dignity of its employees."

Also, train and education all all levels to reveal:

    • Old consciousness truths regarding business

    • Insurance conspiracies, fraud and illusion

    • Border conspiracies, fraud and illusion between cultures

    • Realty conspiracies, fraud and illusion

    • Pharmaceutical conspiracies, fraud and illusion

    • Medical conspiracies, fraud and illusion

    • Telecommunication conspiracies, fraud and illusion

    • Energy conspiracies, fraud and illusion

    • Primary producer conspiracies, fraud and illusion and that the primary producers (especially food and produce) be remunerated fairly and with integrity and that the remuneration is gauged on its value basis, not on service sector profiteering

    • Primary producers in farming food sources, for the good of the people, be supported to grow biodynamically and/or organically and other unnamed supportive practices yet to be named, without over-regulation, certification racketeering/exploitation, with the integrity of the seed and the peoples to nurture with integrity both the land, the sky, the seas, and the flora and fauna.

    • As a priority, and until aligned with Ubuntu philosophy commandment, that the distribution of the global wealth be fairly and equitably shared so the preponderance of the 1% elite money control be balanced until a new currency is in place

    • ChemTrail conspiracy

    • Dumping of surplus manufacturing chemical wastes (into water supplies etc fluoride

    • Nuclear “waste” Conspiracies and to acknowledge the spiritual remedies regarding ‘waste’ (Russia and others)

    • Landfill ‘waste’ conspiracies and to acknowledge the spiritual remedies regarding ‘waste’ (Russia and others)

    • And others named and not named, and yet to be revealed so that history does not repeat the same actions.

    • Ceasing mining and production of ores and learn to transmute them.

    • Recycle to be utilised at its maximum potential.