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Science is now showing that we are all connected.  Indeed - that we are all part of one.  Or, as some religions say, God is everywhere - that is, we are part of God, just as God is part of us.  And, just like God, we are creators.


Science is now showing us that our thoughts directly affect our creation or our reality.  Indeed, thoughts become things. So, beautiful thoughts create beauty.


We not only create our personal worlds, but jointly create the world around us.  The world around us reflects back to us what we have created.


We need to understand that we are CREATORS so that we can alter our creations to create something that supports all of us.



Currently, our Playground, planet Earth, is being trashed.  And tens of thousands of people each day are dying.


Our joint creations accept this, otherwise we would have stopped it, long ago.  We are allowing it to happen!


It is being trashed by companies whose only motives are to increase profits for their shareholders.    It is being trashed by Governments who allow this to happen.


Let us have a new creation.  A new vision.


Clement Clarke, Perth



This website is about creating a better world for all of us.  It is also part Wiki, so that others can contribute and help with it's development.


Articles about what went wrong, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Science, and new systems of Money are welcome.  Join the Discussion Group here:

Making A Beautiful World

There are other Web Sites being set up. too.  So that people can connect and trade on a Local Level, there will be Websites called www.ConnectingMe.com/Perth, or /NYC /London and so on.  A start has been made at www.ConnectingMe.com


Additionally, there will be a set of websites and discussion groups called http://www.connectinglightworkers.com/

Like to stay in touch, add or edit some pages or join a group?  Please start by sending me an email at clementclarke@ozemail.com.au

Let's create a better, happier fun-filled new world.

Thoughts create things.  God, the Universe and people reflect back to us what we have created - otherwise how would we know?  So, think beautiful thoughts and create a beautiful world.

"We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself."  Scientist Carl Sagan, http://www.carlsagan.com/

How does it get much better than this?